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Are “We Buy New Houses” Ads Legit

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Have you ever seen a “We Buy Houses Birmingham” sign while driving? Have you ever wondered if this is a legitimate service or just someone trying to scam you? These advertisements or signs offer a hassle-free and quick solution for anyone looking to sell their house. But anyone with a sound mind will question why a legit service for such a major investment would be promoting roadside. Is this a legitimate marketing campaign or are these “We Buy Houses” signs scams? Here is what you need to know.

“We Buy Houses” Companies

The truth is that most of these “We Buy Houses” signs are financed by legal businesses. However, while we cannot guarantee that most of these companies are legitimate, neither can we say how reliable they may be, but most signs are authentic. These companies are normally house renovators and investors looking to buy houses cheap from desperate homeowners and make money off after investing some money on renovations. These companies are not trying to cheat homeowners out of money or perform real estate scams. They are usually looking for homeowners willing to sell their house below market value in order to make some profit. While they may be willing to buy your house, the price may be too low and usually will not be a viable option for the seller. 

How it works

If you choose to call one of these companies, you will be connected with an agent of the corporation. Depending on how reputable and big the company is, you may speak directly with the investor, the company’s administrator or a sales representative. They will collect any relevant information from the seller, like the address, the complete name of the owner(s) and mortgage balance. After this process is complete and they have obtained the necessary information, the seller can make an appointment for a real estate expert to inspect the house and evaluate the conditions of the property. After this is done the buyer will contact the seller and present them an offer. Remember the seller has the final word and can choose to walk out of the deal if the price offered is not desirable. 

“We Buy Houses” businesses provide homeowners with a chance to make quick cash and avoid the hassles of selling a house on the market. Keep in mind that while offers and transactions are completely legal, the price offers may be much lower compared to when the house is sold on the market. If it is not urgent for you to sell your house right away, selling your house the conventional way through a brokerage could earn you more money than this method. If your house requires work, minor repairs can help you raise the listing price on the market. You can get a good idea about the home market by speaking with a qualified house buying company like Home Buyers Birmingham. Home Buyers Birmingham will buy your house in any condition.  You can also learn about the more services we provide by visiting our website at

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