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How to Determine the Market Value of Your Home

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Are you having a hard time figuring out the actual value of your home before selling it? We understand that not all home buyers are reliable and trustworthy. Most people are starting to realize free price estimates aren’t accurate and not done appropriately. It’s essential to know the value of your house using simple ways that anyone from experienced investors to somebody who doesn’t have any experience in real estate can apply.

5 Ways to Determine the Value of Your Home  

It doesn’t matter whether you plan on selling your home or not; it is imperative to know its accurate value just in case you decide to put it on sale in the future. The following are the most accurate methods a homeowner can use to calculate the actual value of his/her property.

Make Comparisons With Similar Properties

Homeowners should understand that real estate is valued by a comparison basis. Look at comparable properties and what they sell for and compare it to the property you wanted the value of to figure out what the cost is. It would help if you found homes that have been sold over the past six months within a one-mile radius or within the subdivision of the home you’re trying to value. The location is a critical factor while making these comparisons because you can’t make them with houses sold twenty miles down the road. The value of a house always depends on its location.

Use Online Calculators 

Any homeowner can use an online calculator to get a quick home valuation. One of the best online calculators is the FHFA’S house price index calculator.  It is a great tool that keeps track of house sales and uses them to estimate changes in market prices. Other options include Zillow, HomeGain, Realtor.Com, Chase, Redfin, and Remax.

Valuation Tools

Valuation tools are used to estimate the value of a house using mathematical modeling and public archives. They are also known as automated valuation models or AVMS.

Professional Appraisal

During the estimation of property values, the appraisers provide their insights on market trends and your house characteristics. Afterward, they’ll make comparisons with similar houses based on market factors such as sales, cost, and depreciation. Before hiring one, consider the experience he/she has so that you don’t waste money on a lousy job. Additionally, an appraiser will help you figure out possible challenges you might face depending on the condition, size, location and overall value of your home. 

Market Analysis 

Research on market trends because the prices tend to fluctuate based on demand, season and availability. Getting in touch with Home Buyers Birmingham at the right time will help you sell fast at a fair price.

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