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Is selling through a realtor as straightforward as it looks?

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Once they decide to sell, home sellers everywhere in the US have one thing in common: They want to sell their condo or house fast. Now, when selling traditionally through a realtor, you face a massive challenge, namely:

There’s no such thing as a typical homebuyer! They vary from one another as chalk differs from cheese.

There are many examples:

Unique preferences range from:

  • Hardwood floors to modern tiling
  • Traditional to contemporary styling
  • Muted to bright paintwork

One objective most lifestyle homebuyers share is to do as little work as possible the day they move in. If remodeling is essential, it may be a room here or there but not a whole-house renovation. So, the bottom line is that once you’ve listed your home on the MLS, it competes with many others vying for regional buyers’ attention. Knowing the right spots on the property to remedy and remodel is a challenge. The question is, where do you start and end, and will it pay off when the deal closes? The most significant obstacle in answering this question is reading emotions. Homebuyers can spin-off at ninety degrees because a kitchen looks tired, or rooms are color different. 

Understanding the updates that work with a realtor route is no easy task, but you can’t escape the need to address it. That’s if you want to give your MLS listing a fighting chance. In our view, from years of experience, we recommend the following:

The least expensive and carrying a huge impact is curb appeal.

It hardly fails to create a great first impression before the prospect crosses the threshold. If it looks nice outside, a house will set the tone for the rest of the tour through the interior. The best thing about uplifting your curb appeal is that it’s relatively affordable (versus the interior). In many cases, exterior aesthetics can turn into a costly exercise. For example:

  • An unattractive, peeling steel front door that you decide to replace can hit your wallet for $1,800, but it can be a game-changer.
  • Garage doors are next in line for similar treatment where you shouldn’t expect change from a $3900 outlay.
  • Then there’s landscaping, driveway brickwork, and painting that can tip the scales in your favor.

Updating Your Home’s Interior

Here’s where it gets tricky, as intimated above, without the investment return if miscalculated. If your interior looks jaded and outdated, interested home seekers attracted by your curb appeal may still turn around and leave. Don’t underestimate the emotional tug-of-war that every home creates in the minds of homebuyers. It initiates, possibly, after they’ve seen the competition; or when a family is involved, and the partners can’t agree. Nonetheless, the home’s interior is an essential consideration to home buyers, no matter how you cut it.

  • A kitchen revamp can start at $25,000 and go as high as $100,000.
  • New cutting-edge appliances alone can seriously dent the bank account.

But make no mistake; the kitchen area is a compelling magnet in any home because it’s where the family congregates every day and doubles up for entertaining friends. It’s an obvious starting point – if you’re taking a disciplined approach. Don’t get carried away by forgetting that the exercise is to sell your home; it’s not to live in. Astutely calculated alterations can make it happen for you; that’s the good news. The bad news is its only half of the story. Here are other redos that may require attention when it comes to speeding up your selling process. They are:

  • Re-carpeting or refitting wood flooring.
  • Refurbishing the staircase.
  • Attending to bathroom repairs and updates.
  • Upgrading fireplace stonework.
  • Polishing, repainting, and deep-cleaning tarnished areas.

The bottom line is that when you work with a realtor, you should know that they have many houses on their books – perhaps on the same street or in the neighborhood. Single-family and condo agents move along the line of least resistance, putting more effort behind properties likely to sell quicker. Moreover, you’re paying around 6% commission irrespective of where you are on their pecking order.

A home cash buyer is the opposite of what you’ve read so far.

So, if you want to skip the investment without severely compromising your marketing power, give serious thought to selling to a reputable home cash buyer like Home Buyers Birmingham. Here are the fundamental differences:

  1. Emotions leave the stage. Home Buyers Birmingham is a professional real estate investment company that enters the picture with minimal, if any, emotional inflection.
  2. They look past “iffy” curb appeal, unsightly paint jobs, cluttering, and inter-family taste issues when making a decision.
  3. They know that in this professional investment sector, the competition is rife, so they discount the cost of repairs and renovations as much as possible to keep their bid alive.
  4. Home inspections always occur before you even see a home cash buyer offer, which means it won’t whittle down with home inspections later on. In contrast, realtor marketing comes with post-offer home inspections – a real downer once the seller realizes the original offer isn’t holding as visualized.
  5. You’re up by the six percent commission right away. That, and many other closing costs, add value to the home cash buyer route.
  6. Any offer you get from Home Buyers Birmingham, is an all-cash proposition. There’s no waiting for mortgage approval or risking appraisals undercutting the offer price.
  7. You can get an offer in your hands inside of a week and close within days after that if speed is a significant consideration.


Home cash buyers acquire residences for rental or renovation and then resale to a captured client base. They’re in it to make a profit; no secret about that. However, their process saves you realtor and closing costs in spades and can save you thousands of renovation dollars. Many homeowners going into remodeling for the first time make errors that waste one’s time and money. All that goes out of the window when accepting a cash offer. So, you’ll probably discover a very reasonable net price without the stress, hassle, and roller-coaster of emotions that accompany the traditional route. Therefore, if you live in Birmingham, Al, and are thinking of selling your home quickly, contact Home Buyers Birmingham for a fully transparent conversation. It could be the best thing you do all year.

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Is selling through a realtor as straightforward as it looks?

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