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Who Uses Home Cash Buyers the Most, and Why?

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When home cash buying emerged as an optional way to sell one’s property a few years back, it was considered a “last resort” alternative. If your house was on its last legs in serious disrepair, in foreclosure, or similar catastrophic situations, the home cash buyer was the last resort before throwing in the towel.

That all but disappeared, as expert home cash buyers like Home Buyers Birmingham (in Birmingham Al) emerged as legitimate considerations, giving traditional realtors a go for their money. A somewhat sophisticated approach has smoothed out the rough edges, and flipped home sellers’ attitudes significantly.

So What’s a Home Cash Buyer’s One, Big Meaningful Point of Difference?

Well, that’s obvious – the speed of the transaction is the answer. Traditional home marketing with an agent involves a relatively lengthy process:

  • Cleaning up to create curb appeal
  • Decluttering
  • Staging
  • Listing on the MLS
  • Renovating (possibly)
  • Regular showings & show days.

On average, if the price is right, one may get an offer in around six weeks. After that, there’s the home inspection, perhaps more repairs, waiting on an appraisal, then mortgage approval. You’re lucky to get cash in the bank inside of two months. In a buyer’s market, the lag can stretch to half a year or longer.

The above scenario goes against the time frame of individuals, couples, or families facing:

  • Divorce
  • Transfer by their company to another location
  • Sudden illness or disability
  • Job loss
  • Foreclosure
  • COVID-19 upheavals
  • Cash pressures for any number of other reasons
  • Severe damage from fire, floods, or hurricanes & inadequate insurance

It’s easy to see that there may be a sense of urgency in all these cases. Combining it with the stress around the circumstances that dictate a quick transaction, traditional selling processes are less than ideal.

Conversely, a home cash buyer from the point of contact can close within a week if that suits you. There is no mortgage company to get in the way because it’s (as described) an all-cash deal. The offer you see is the money you earn. Also, home inspections can’t disrupt the original offer because it occurs before the latter, not a week or two afterward. So right there, home cash transactions are enticing to the magnet categories.

Aside from the above, the following scenarios also adore faster closings:

  • Empty-nesters retiring or looking to downsize
  • Inheritors wanting to unload an unwanted house
  • Those pressured by IRS demands
  • Owners of homes incurring code violations.
  • Real estate with tenants giving trouble or behind on payments.

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Speed is great! I See That. But it Isn’t Everything

I know what you’re thinking. A lot of the fast-sale examples come with more than a touch of desperation. The obvious next question is this: Won’t the home cash buyer sense it and take advantage? After all, one person’s downfall translates frequently into another’s opportunity.

You’re right to be wary, but you should be on safe ground if you’re interacting with a reputable home cash buyer. It’s why multiple house sellers, hoping to process sometimes ten times faster than the realtor’s system offers, see home cash buying as a genuinely viable resource. Providing you research the entity you’re dealing with; there are several bargaining chips in your favor. The home cash buyer knows it, and professional companies in the arena will make them transparent without you prompting.

You save:

  • Six percent on the gross selling price from bypassing realtors.
  • On curb-appeal expenses.
  • On decluttering, staging, and renovations that can amount to thousands going the traditional route.
  • Aggravating about the home assessing lower than the offer price, thus cutting into the bottom line or collapsing the entire deal.

So are the Home Cash Buyer Fans Right in Their Enthusiasm?

Of course, the professional home buyer like Home Buyers Birmingham is in it to make a profit. There has to be some reward for taking you cleanly out of a “sticky” property asset, hassle-free, in super-quick time. So here’s the way it works:

  • When the home cash buyer resells, it’s generally to a buyer it knows will renovate and repaint, no matter what you invested in it to look saleable. Therefore, there’s no onerous monetary penalty for poor aesthetics.
  • Suppose the pre-offer home inspection uncovers defects in the sheetrock, air conditioner, or other parts of the house. In that case, they will drive the price down, but by no more than a realtor’s post-offer home inspection. Knowing the score upfront, not later on, substantially clarifies the path ahead.
  • So, bottom line, the home cash buyer has a 10 – 15% kickstart for creating a fast transaction and giving you a stress-free exit. After that, it comes down to comparables in the area and beating competitive offers from other home cash buyers (yes, there’s more than one around these days).


The reviews up and down Google and other sites testify to the fact that the categories most attracted to “less-than-seven-day” closings are more than happy with the results. Families rave about Birmingham Home Buyer’s proactive approach to assist with their dilemmas. Customers say Home Buyers Birmingham react within a couple of hours from getting the call, and an offer is in hand, sometimes inside of 24-hours. One standout feature they all talk about is that although the deal traveled super-fast, Home Buyers Birmingham is relaxed about closing dates. They give you time, and will even help you move conveniently and seamlessly. If you need cash fast, to move quickly, or to unload cash flow stress in Birmingham, get in touch with Home Buyers Birmingham today. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised how mutually rewarding the experience can be.  

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Who Uses Home Cash Buyers the Most, and Why?

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