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The Birmingham Home Buyer

There are a couple of companies that buy houses in Birmingham but very few are legitimate. The Birmingham Home Buyer is a play on our company name. It is interchangeable by putting Birmingham before or after Home Buyers.

At Home Buyers Birmingham we pride ourselves on our reputation. We have worked hard to achieve quality results for home owners in the Birmingham area. That’s why we have always been known as The Birmingham Home Buyer and Home Buyers Birmingham.

We have purchased over 200 houses in the Birmingham area in the past 5 years. We continue to purchase houses. We have purchased houses from Vincent to Gardendale, Leeds to Adamsville, and all areas in between.

Remember this logo when you sell your house. If it doesn’t have this logo it’s not Home Buyers Birmingham, i.e., The Birmingham Home Buyer. Just like the Yellowwood saying on the commercial, you don’t want it if it isn’t this logo when you’re selling a house in Birmingham.

Working with The Birmingham Home Buyer

If you are a home owner that needs to or wants to sell your house, we would like to buy it from you. We offer fair prices when we buy houses. We pay closing costs also. There is never a need for you to do any repairs on your house prior to selling to The Birmingham Home Buyer, i.e., Home Buyers Birmingham. We purchase houses in as-is condition. We have our own preferences when it comes to paint colors, flooring, etc. Any repairs you might do could result in wasted money you didn’t need to spend. There is a good chance we will change the appearance or repair all together.

You Never Pay Closing Cost Selling to The Birmingham Home Buyer

Any time you sell your house with an agent you will pay closing cost and agent commissions out of your pocket or out of the proceeds of the sale. At Home Buyers Birmingham we believe in making the process as easy as possible for home owners. This means you don’t pay anything out of pocket or at closing to sell your house to us. The only thing you are responsible for are the property taxes. We can’t legally pay your property taxes for you. What this means for you is the following example;

  • Purchase Price – $100,000
  • Taxes – $1,000
  • Cash in Your Pocket – $99,000

The property taxes are prorated based on the time of the year you sell so you will likely never be responsible for the full year. If you sell your house on the 50th day of the year then you are only responsible for those 50 days. If we use the example from above this means you only pay $137 for taxes at closing. That means the cash in your pocket now is $99,863. This can be confusing, but we will explain it and so will the closing attorney.

No Repairs Are Necessary Selling to Home Buyers Birmingham

We don’t even ask you to clean your house before we visit to make you an offer. We prefer to see the house in as-is condition. It helps give us an idea of the house that is being lived in by you. I know this goes against the way many of us were raised in the South. There is nothing to be embarrassed worry about. We aren’t there to pass judgement on anyone. We’re there to buy your house.

We ask that you don’t do any repairs prior to our visit or after we are under contract. We have our system of renovating almost down to a science. Our contractors know what to do usually without asking since they have renovated many houses for us. It’s similar to building garden homes. They are typically all the same layout that the framers and contractors don’t need blueprints to build the houses. After they have built a couple the measurements and finish materials are memorized.

We want you to put as money as possible in your pocket. That’s our goal so please refrain from spending money in order sell your house.

Added Bonus Selling to The Birmingham Home Buyer

We close on your timeframe. You may be living in the house when we write the contract. That’s fine. We’ll close when you find another house to buy or rent. We understand this can take some time. We try to close within 30 days but in these situations more time may be needed.

If the house is vacant or tenant occupied, we will close as soon as the title is ready and we have all municipal letters for the property to get title insurance. This typically takes 7 days to 2 weeks. If there is an issue with the title, we will work to resolve it and close it as soon as it is resolved.

We know you want to close as soon as possible, and we respect your time and urgency to close. That’s why there is a section in every Real Estate contract regarding Time is of the Essence.

Sell Your House Within 7 Days!!!

So what do you have to lose?

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