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By now you’ve probably searched the internet looking for ways to sell your house. You didn’t realize it would be this hard. You just keep thinking I wish someone would buy my house and stop giving me the run around. Luckily you have found Home Buyers Birmingham now.

We don’t buy every house. There is no way we could possibly buy every house. We haven’t found the tree money grows on. Everyone wishes they could find that tree though.

If you call us or submit the information about your house and say, Buy My House, there are a couple of things to consider.

Houses We Buy

First, we wish every house that is for sale we could buy but that can’t happen. For us to buy your house we will need it to meet certain requirements. Luckily, condition isn’t one the requirements. Home Buyers Birmingham has purchased many houses that are beat sideways in need of major repairs. We look for certain things that include, but not limited to;

  • Price – We do not buy houses for more than $150,000
  • Bedroom Count – We only buy houses with at least 3 bedrooms
  • Discount – We will purchase any house at a fair price but we are investors. This means we will not pay retail for any house. Condition, renovations, current market, style, and potential appeal after renovations are considered within the price we will pay.
  • Location – We prefer to buy houses in the city of Birmingham and immediate surrounding areas.

Are you still saying buy my house? We hope so.

What Determines if Home Buyers Birmingham Will Buy My House?

A fair offer is determined by many factors.

The most important factor is always the price. The condition, location, and many other things factor in to the price. If the property is in need of repairs we have to consider the cost of the repairs and deduct those costs to arrive at a fair price for everyone. This doesn’t mean minimal repairs will be considered major repairs or that we will attempt to give you a substantially lower offer just because your house may only need new carpet and paint. All repairs are considered on a case-by-case basis for what they are not to take advantage of you.

The location of a house is also factored into the price whether it is in a good or bad location. A good location will add value but a bad location will decrease value.

Other factors we consider consists of the style of the house, the appeal, and functionality of the house. These vary by neighborhood. In some areas a 2-story house may be worth more than a one-story. The appeal of a corner lot may be good in some areas and not good in other areas. For example, a corner lot in a busy area may not be desirable due to traffic on the streets. In other areas where traffic is not an issue it may be more desirable.

We consider each house on its own merits and characteristics.

Other Things to Consider

The owner of Home Buyers Birmingham is a former appraiser. This means we know what houses are worth and have extensive experience valuing all types of property. It also means we can make quick, educated decisions.

There are many out there that do not have the experience we do at Home Buyers Birmingham. This tends to put homeowners in tough situations when an investor promises to pay a high price for your house only to not be able to get the funding they need to purchase or find a buyer to sell it. Unfortunately, that’s what many of the companies you have called attempt to do. They are trying to sell your property and make money instead of actually buying your house.

We understand your situation and take it seriously due to the countless foreclosure appraisals completed in the past where we couldn’t help the homeowner.

Hopefully now you can stop saying I wish someone would buy my house and get in touch with us at Home Buyers Birmingham. You can call us or for a faster response submit the information about your house so that we can look into it and call you to schedule a time to come visit.

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